Set of large segment baskets

product description

HxWxD are dimensions of the product. This particular arrangement is composed of: 3 pcs of large mediate basket - code: 97021, 1 pcs of large mediate basket with nuts - code: 98126, 1 pcs large top basket - code: 97470, 4 pcs separators - code: 97118, set of wheels. You can create any arrangement with any number of baskets, separators, wheels and ordering the upper basket. To install a wheel is needed to order a basket with nuts welded Code No. 98126.

In order to make the transport as cheap as possible, the price for transport will be calculated and sent to your e-mail. After agreeing on the price, baskets will be packed. Customers usually order more baskets also with other products and our company calculates the transport only for the weight of the entire package.